At Hornstein Opticians we are very happy to see children we have a range of frames to suit most ages in stock. For very young children and babies we are able to order frames to try without obligation.

Many children do not have their eyes examined until they are older by which time any problems are harder to treat and their early education may have already been affected.

Children are very good at coping with eye problems and usually do not tell their parents/guardians that they have fuzzy vision in one eye or cannot see clearly, particularly as this is ‘normal’ for them and they don’t know what clear vision should be like.

We are also stockists of Tomato Glasses which are fully adaptable and are perfect for small babies as they have a wide range of sizes to suit. Children with special features, such as Down’s Syndrome, would also be ideal candidates for Tomato frames. Our opticians can advise on the best looking and most comfortable glasses for children of all ages.